Royal Suite

The superior royal suite is perfect for the people who are looking for traditional luxury as each of the suite is offering a different experience in princely living. The renovated suite offer luxurious Big Bathrooms and are the perfect retreat for the senses, rich in terms of textures and colours, each superior royal suite has also been redesigned for the comfort of our royal guests. Each suite offers a harmonious blend of modern convenience amidst Royal World charm. Guests relive the royal era in refined and refurbished rooms and a spacious bathroom with rich bath amenities help guests sink into the palatial experience..

The bathrooms are most luxiourios and offer the best modern facilities. The rich Palace furniture along with special fabrics and colours add the princely charm to the whole setting of the room. Each room has its own soul, its own individual harmony a marriage of the finest material, rare woods, silk, brocades, furniture and artefacts created by masters craftsman. The originally royal guests and the junior members of the royal family used these rooms


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